About Us

We are an independent retailer who strive to only deliver the best quality products to our customers.

Our aim is to bring you audio products that embody three important criteria:

  •      A realistic musical performance in your home.
  •      Exquisite craftsmanship, all items sold are made to exacting standards, with care and dedication.
  •      Affordability, allowing ownership to wider music lovers and audio enthusiasts.


We focus on quality of product and excellence of service and have gained a deserved reputation for consistently delivering this.

Hearing is believing and therefore the true quality that we offer can not be found on a website so discover for yourself the unsurpassed high-end audio experience at our private demonstration facilities.

We also offer accessories – let us know your requirements and we will do our best to find you what you need.

In addition to offering superb quality products we bring the same exceptional standard to professional service, prompt customer care and support.