Anthony Gallo Acoustics


Lw Audio are pleased to announce the return of Anthony Gallo Acoustics  to our product line.

The wonderful Strada 2


Strada 2 is the latest incarnation of their acclaimed Strada loudspeaker. Impressive power handling, 90dB sensitivity, 68Hz-20Khz frequency response and textbook perfect dispersion enable this magnetically shielded speaker to shine in any room, and with any system. A real eye turner !


TR3 Subwoofer




New in the Gallo lineup is the sublime TR-3D Subwoofer. Its appearance follows the familiar lines of its direct predeccessor the TR-3 (and the TR-1D) but this subwoofer houses a completely new and improved set of internals.

At the heart of the TR-3D is a long-throw ceramic anodised aluminium cone driver, driven by a powerful 300 Watt Class-D digital amplifier. To make sure it performs to its potential in every room, bass equalisation options allow the user to adapt performance to room size. A small room probably won’t require any boost, a large one might benefit from full boost.


Both of the above products are in stock and on permanent display, the full range can be available on request.


Please feel free to contact us  to arrange a demonstration of the products at our private facility, also please contact for pricing enquiries