Horning Hybrid



LW Audio are both distributor and dealer for Horning Hybrid .

Please have a look at the items from his website below. Currently we have in stock and on permanent demonstration the wonderful Aristoteles Ultimate Zigma and the Agalme Flagship.


This is an upgraded model of the venerable Aristoteles Ultimate – featuring an upgrade in mid range drivers and an improved tweeter, all in the familiar Aristoteles cabinet. The Ultimate Zigma, on the surface, appear identical to the Horning Aristoteles Ultimate – however, Tommy Horning has opted for an upgraded Lowther DX65 driver, rather than the DX45 featured in its sibling. This adds even more depth and scale to the Ultimate Zigma’s mid-range and bass performance. The upgraded tesla tweeter features an improved magnet, which adds to the impact of the Aristoteles Ultimate Zigma’s high frequencies – which are precise and clear.


The Aristoteles is designed as a compact floor standing loudspeaker – packing in many of the design principles and technologies featured in Tommy Horning’s flagship Eufrodite model. The objective with the Aristoteles was to translate the fundamental design principles into a smaller cabinet which would demonstrate the same attributes and qualities as the flagship model.

That restless passion has been dedicated to producing a model for those of us whose musical appreciation is compromised only by space constraints.













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