PS Audio

Over the last 40 years these guys have been making exceptionally well crafted pieces of kit, from DACs, power supply units and cables they do it all, and directly from Boulder, California. We are pleased to announce we are  dealers and have the following items:

DirectStream DAC

 Introducing DirectStream DAC, both Stereophile and Absolute Sound’s Product Of The Year. Hand written, discrete, perfection based conversion that uncovers all the missing information hiding in your digital audio media for all these years. CD’s, downloads, high-resolution PCM or DSD based media are expertly upsampled in the DirectStream to ten times DSD rate and output as pure analog directly into your amplifier or preamplifier. Classic PCM based DACS, including many of today’s DACS that can also process DSD, tend to cover up some of the subtle musical details buried deep within digital audio music; a problem inherent in their architecture. DirectStream solves this problem by employing a pure DSD single-bit approach for both PCM as well as DSD media. This means that your entire library of music can finally reveal all the music and subtle low level details buried deep within its core. Imagine going to a recording studio and listening to a master tape of any recording made. This is the experience DirectStream provides its owners who enjoy a renewed sense of enjoyment and discovery when listening to everything in their library: CD’s, downloads, DSD.

PerfectWave PowerBase



The PerfectWave PowerBase is a new product concept combining an isolation base and a power conditioner together in one elegant, component level product.

The need for both vibration control and clean power has been well established over many years yet, until the introduction of the PowerBase concept, no single engineered solution has effectively addressed both for high end audio equipment.

Place any piece of audio or video gear on the PowerBase and enjoy all the benefits of improved performance due to lowered mechanical vibrations as well as power line noise reduction.

The PowerBase features a double mechanical vibration isolation system as well as a “one-way gate” electrical isolation filter that keeps power line noises from the wall out of connected equipment and internally generated electrical noises from reaching the wall power.

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