Forthcoming Events

LW Audio are once again attending the North West Audio Show in 2017  at Cranage Hall Cheshire

North West Audio Show 24th-25th June 2017

This year it is a two-day event and it’s still free to get in. Come along and enjoy some great sounds and make new friends. There will be some exciting new items on demo plus we hope to demonstrate two systems both using vinyl and CD as sources.

Amplification will include solid state and valves. Come along and have listen. Please don’t forget to bring your favourite vinyl or CD as we are happy to play this for you.

Previously attended.


North West Audio Show 26th June 2016

LW Audio once again attended the North West Audio Show in 2016  at Cranage Hall Cheshire 

Digital was covered by PS Audio memory player feeding the fabulous Fore Audio Daisy1 DAC. Pre amp with the top of the range 3 box silver wired R-T3 by Audio Music. Power amps will be the fabulous top of the range 833 valve silver wired monoblocs, also from Audio music. Speakers will be the Tommy Horning statement loudspeakers, the incredible Agalme. These have never been shown in the UK before so a treat should be in store. Signal and speaker cables will be by Ziro Audio. Mains cables and mains blocks wired in solid silver by Hi Fi In Touch.


North West Audio Show 28th June 2015 

Lw Audio attended the North West Audio Show at Cranage Hall Cheshire. We demonstrated in the Wren suite.

Equipment on demonstration included Horning Eufrodite Ellipse horn loaded loudspeakers. Amplifiers where Audio Music R-T2 silver pre amp, AM833 silver wired four box mono blocs. Source will be Ps Audio memory drive and DSD dac On display will be Clones Audio, WoW Audio and various other items .


I appeared at the National Audio Show once again at Whittlebury Hall Hotel and Spa. On the 20th and 21st September 2014.


Iwas in room 104 and the set up on show comprised of, the First UK showing of:

Audio Music R-T2 silver wired two box pre amp.

Audio Music 833 Mk 2 silver wired monobloc amplifiers

Horning Eufrodite Ellipse PM65, 2.2 Tesla Tweeter

The First UK showing of the PS audio DSD Dac

All power regernerationwas provided by PS Audio which included power bases P10 and P5 mains regenerators. Source feeding the Dac was the PS audio Perfect wave transport.

It was a pleasure to see you all there.


Cranage Hall Audio Show

I had the pleasure of announcing that I was attending the inaugural show here:

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I was at the Audio World 14 show in Brighton at the end of March

Audio World Brighton 2014


I was at the National Audio Show 2013: